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Choosing the proper extension cord

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Dear Qwiklokstore friends and customers, I found this great video for you to choose the proper cord.

By adding our Qwiklok locking connector for extension cords to any of your extensions, you will increase the value, durability and convenience, saves time and even can save a life.

Great video to understand the basics when choosing an extension cord.

Be safe!

Failed attempts at locking extension cords.

The most common method used to solve the un-plugging problem: Tie them in a knot – Ouch!!The bulky knot easily gets caught up when dragging the extension cords about.The sharp bends in this arrangement cause the wire insulations to crack exposing bare wires.Over time, these sharp bends in the extension cord causes the plug and [...]

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Welcome to our Qwiklok Store

Contribute posts about your experiences with Qwiklok!Let us know where and how you are using your qwiklok product line and what can we do to make it better, we are working on the next big thing fem Qwiklok

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